The ‘New Aesthetic’ is Not Optional: How to embrace where we are.

Back in 1997, I read ‘Being Digital‘ by Nicholas Negroponte. It really changed the way I felt about technology. I was part of this new generation of digital movement. My father dealt in the analog world of switches and wires. I was the first of my generation to really start to think in terms, not of analog, but of digital.
This is a new frontier for humanity. A place where, for the first time, the intersection between our imagination and our reality is getting blurred. We are now, more than ever, able to synthesize our fantasies of imagination with our realities.

This new sense of reality has been called the ‘New Aesthetic’ by James Bridle.

Being that my life is saturated with technology and theology, I become an artist by nature of how I interact with these two fields. No Cisco configuration or Linux script exists without an element of the machine and my imagination creating something new.

Anyone who finds themselves in the field of theology or of technology- or plans on living out their years in this modern world that we have recreated, must watch/read these ideas in order to understand the sea change that we are amidst as a species.

Video: James Bridle: The New Aesthetic – Waving at the Machines
Article: David Albert Cox – Playfulness and Processuality
Article: Bruce Sterling – An Essay on the New Aesthetic