The Woods, Snow, Christmas.

Attached are a few of the highlights

I trekked off into Lake Herrick woods last night at 9:30PM after we had about 3-4″ of snow.
Items brought:
Canon camera body.
Canon 10-20 lens
Holga Camera
Extra Batteries
Lots of warm clothes, tuque and snowshoes included

I have always wanted to ditch off into the woods during a snow and get some good shots of the sky and snow while I am still in Illinois. I know that I wont see this snow like this forever, nor do I intend to see all this prairie land forever. Make the most of the winter right?
It was about 30ish degrees, so it was not too cold. I snuck into Lake Herrick which closes after dark and started taking pictures.
I really underestimated the exposure that I would get from Chicago, even though I am in a suburb.
I kept my shutter around 10″-15″ with the occasional dip into the 6″-8″ range for some underexposed shots. When I realized that I was getting too much bad city light, and that the sky was too cloudy for stars, I pulled out my Holga that John Fish gave me a few years back and started to use the colored flash to add something interesting into the mix. It worked well I think.
Ended up being a fun time in the cold snow.
Anything can work, you just have to find the passion to apply yourself.