Upgrading a Ubiquiti Unifi Controller on CentOS

In a previous post, I ran over how to install the UniFi controller on CentOS.
In this post, I will show how to upgrade the installation, as they upgrade their software, you can follow along in the RHEL world.

  • Download the Update

Download the release from the UniFi blog.

I prefer a wget on the local server.

[user@RHEL-Server ~]# wget http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/3.2.7/UniFi.unix.zip



  • Stop the Service

In the post I did, I named the service UniFi.

[user@RHEL-Server ~]# service stop UniFi


  • Move Old Folder

In my example, the folder for UniFi controller is /opt/UniFi.

So, here well move it to an ‘old’ folder.

[user@RHEL-Server ~]# mv /opt/UniFi /opt/UniFi-old


  • Unzip and Move the New Folder

Find your zip that you downloaded (mine’s in ~/) and unzip it.

[user@RHEL-Server ~]# unzip ./Unifi.unix.zip

[user@RHEL-Server ~]# mv ./UniFi /opt/


  • Move the Data Dir back

Move the folder with all your data back into the newly created folder.

[user@RHEL-Server ~]# mv /opt/UniFi-old/data /opt/UniFi


  • Start the UniFi Service

[user@RHEL-Server ~]# service UniFi start


All done.  Log back in and enjoy.