Want to export a mailbox from Exchange 2007 on an x64 server? Think again.

I’ve got a few mailboxes that I would like exported as PST files.
No problem right?

The “Export-Mailbox” command should do the trick from my exchange server shell with the “-PSTFolderPath” switch.

Open up the Exchange Management Shell and throw the command up:
> Export-mailbox -Identity mailbox -PSTFolderPath D:\PST -Confirm:$false


Uh Oh, looks like I have an x64 server. What? Wait.. you want to tell me that I cannot export the mailbox on an x64 server? Yes, that is correct.
What you need is: A machine with an x86 OS (winxp-win7, it doesnt matter), an installation of Outlook, Exchange 2007 Management Tools (900-ish mb download from MS), IIS Common files (add/remove programs / windows components / iis”, and the windows installer 4.5+ (3mb download from MS).
After the gig download, install the tools (you might have to update the installer, but its straightforward), and then do a custom installation and install the management tools. If the user you are logged into the machine is an exchange admin, you are golden; you can open up the Exchange Management Shell right there and run your command to create a PST locally.

Then you can win.